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Notice is hereby given in terms of Section 33 of the Local Government Municipal Finance Management Act, No. 56 of 2003 that the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality (NMBM) intends entering into an agreement with the German development bank KfW.


During the Government negotiations between the Republic of South Africa (RSA) and the Federal Republic of Germany in November 2018, Germany committed grant funding in the amount of EUR 18 million (ZAR 288 million) (the Grant) for the Financial Co-operation Programme "Renewable Energy for South African Municipalities – Phase I: Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Area”.


The Electricity and Energy Directorate of the NMBM will be responsible for preparing, implementing and maintaining the different project packages financed by the Grant. The estimated project time frame is four years.  The estimated total Project cost is approximately EUR 20 million. The NMBM will co-finance at least 10% of the total Project cost (i.e. EUR 2 million) over the duration of the Project.


The proposed Project supports the NMBM in the modernisation of the urban network infrastructure and in piloting an innovative Renewable Energy (RE) component. After extensive investigation, the oldest parts of the network were considered for strengthening, as these would be most beneficial to the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Area, resulting in the greatest RE opportunities for the funding. These projects include the Mount Road 132 kV substation, the Diaz Road 6.6 kV network and the 5th Avenue 6.6 kV network.


Further to these projects is to implement RE initiatives, as alternative supply to formerly disadvantaged parts of the City. Approximately 10% of the project value has been assigned to achieve this objective. It has been agreed between the NMBM and KfW that the pilot projects will look at green and replicable approaches only and that the close involvement  of the communities will be garnered and ensured.


Detailed project plans will be further elaborated during the design phase, with the support of the implementation consultant to be appointed.


NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN in accordance with Section 21A and Section 21 of the Local Government Municipal Systems Act, No. 32 of 2000 that –


a)     The local community and other interested persons are invited to submit comments or representations to the NMBM in respect of the proposed draft contract(s). Such comments or representations must be received by no later than 25 OCTOBER 2021 via electronic mail to or to the Munelek Building, 46 Harrower Road, North End, Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth), 6001 marked "NMBM KfW Grant Funding – s33 process”.


b)     Copies of the draft agreement and information statement summarising the NMBM’s obligations in terms of the draft contract(s) are available for inspection at: 

·      NMBM Libraries (Kariega (Uitenhage), Despatch, North End, Newton Park, New Brighton, Walmer),

·      City Hall, Govan Mbeki Avenue, Gqeberha,

·      Munelek Building, 46 Harrower Road, North End, Gqeberha.

·      Copies  are also accessible on the official website of the NMBM ( under Document Library: Agreements External, Documents titled "Draft Separate Agreement for Grant Funding between KFW and NMBM” (


c)     Further details and clarity may be requested via email to or 041-506 4206 and responses of a material nature will be made available on the above-mentioned website.


Persons who are physically disabled or unable to write, but who wish to submit comments or representations in respect of the draft contract(s), may present themselves during office hours (08h30 – 16h00, Mon - Fri) at Munelek Building, 46 Harrower Road, North End, Gqeberha, where the Secretary to the Senior Director for Electricity and Energy Projects sub-directorate (Ms Zandile Mpengesi), at 041-506 4206 will assist them in transcribing the relevant comments or representations. 

In terms of the NMBM Supply Chain Management Policy Section 14, the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality invites prospective suppliers to register on National Treasury’s Central Supplier Database (CSD) and the NMBM Supplier database. 

To register on the NMBM Supplier database, visit the newly launched Supplier registration page. 

The new facility also allows suppliers that are already registered, to check their NMBM supplier status and download their Supplier Database Registration Verification Letters. 

Please note that due to the Covid-19 regulations, access to NMBM offices is currently restricted. Therefore, verification forms and supporting documents will be provisionally accepted via email, i.e. scanned and sent to



The Municipal Systems Act, 32 of 2000, Chapter 4 and 5, requires municipalities to develop Integrated Development Plans (IDPs) to establish appropriate mechanisms, processes and procedures to enable local community members to participate in the affairs of the Municipality. 


Furthermore, Section 28 of the Municipal Systems Act 2000 requires each municipality to adopt a process setting out guidance in the planning, drafting, adoption and review of its Integrated Development Plan.  A municipality must give notice to the local community of particulars of the process it intends to follow.


This notice seeks to request that should any organisation or interested party wish to participate in the IDP Review Process of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality or make comments on the IDP/Budget Process Plan, it must please contact the IDP Office on the details listed below.


All responses should be received by 22 SEPTEMBER 2021.


For more information, contact the IDP Office:


Ms Maryka Du Plessis


Email: or alternatively or


Tel:      (041) 505 4530 during office hours (weekdays 08:00 am to 16:30pm) or 041 505 4539 / (041) 506 1925


Below is the 2021 IDP and Budget Process Plan for community input:


2021/22 AND BEYOND - IDP AND BUDGET PROCESS PLAN                           



TIMEFRAME (2022/23)

Communication of the Strategic Planning time schedule (including funding sources per Directorate) on the municipal Website to all Directorates


01 Sep 2021

Approval of the reviewed public participation programme for the IDP and Budget processes, based on an analysis by Steering Committee (for September and April of each year

IDP and Budget Steering Committee (MMC, CM, COO and CFO)

20 Sep 2021

Undertaking IDP/ Budget public participation meetings


01 - 29 Oct 2021

Convening IDP Representative Forum meeting including entities and government departments


30 Sep 2021

Submission of IDP inputs, including sector plans by directorates, the entity (MBDA) and trade unions, to Office of Chief Operating Officer

CFO, COO, Executive Directors, CEO of MBDA and Trade Unions

15 Sep 2021

Convening 2nd Quarter IDP Representatives Forum meeting


13 Dec 2021

Setting objectives, targets and indicators for the IDP


10 Dec 2021

First Draft IDP in place


31 Jan 2022

Submission of Adjustments Budget (after being approved by Council) to National Treasury


02 Mar 2022

Publishing of the approved Adjustments Budget (after being approved by Council), with supporting documents on municipal website


02 Mar 2022

Draft Capital and Operating Budgets, Draft IDP and Draft SDBIP submitted to Joint Budget and Treasury Standing Committee and Mayoral Committee


15 Mar 2022

Publishing the Council approved Draft IDP and Budget on the municipal website


31 Mar 2022

Advertisement of Draft Capital and Operating Budget and Draft IDP in local newspapers for public comment and public participation


01 Apr 2022

Undertaking public participation meetings

IDP and Budget Steering Committee

04 - 29 Apr 2022

Consolidation of all public participation inputs and comments in respect of Draft IDP and Budget


02 - 05 May-2022

Budget and Benchmarking Assessment by NT

NT and CM

25 – 29 Apr 2022

Submission of IDP and Budget to joint Budget and Treasury Standing Committee and Mayoral Committee


18 May 2022

Approval of IDP, Budget and Ward-based Budget by Council


26 May 2022

Publishing the Council approved IDP and Budget on the municipal website


03 Jun 2022

Approval of the Service Delivery and Budget Implementation Plan by the Executive Mayor

Office of the Executive Mayor and COO

17 Jun 2022



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