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NMBM updates stakeholders on major IPTS work underway

Published: May 07, 2024


The Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is making inroads on the major revamp and

refurbishment of the Integrated Public Transport System (IPTS) buses that were

taken off the road in August to improve the safety, reliability and accessibility of the service in NMB communities.

Following months of planning and concluding supply chain processes, NMBM Roads and Transport Mayoral Committee Member, Cllr Bradley Murray conducted an

oversight visit on Tuesday, 7 May 2024, to assess the work currently underway and

to provide an update to affected residents.

"In August last year, we took a decision to take out the remaining two buses that

were on the road after we found that they were not roadworthy, we have a total of 25

buses for the IPTS and we will be fixing all of them. Today we are showcasing and

updating the residents on the work that has been done so far, one bus has been


"We got into a contract with Volvo which took some time, and they are now fixing and

maintaining our buses. This was the first bus that went in and they have done a great

job, they have refurbished it completely from seats to the tyres. Every button on the

bus now works and we are excited, we have two more buses at the workshop and

we are planning to take four more buses to the workshop later this week. For the

service to run again, we need atleast four buses to be roadworthy,” MMC Murray said.

The MMC has called for cooperation between stakeholders to ensure the service is fully operational again. He said the Metro is also in the process to procuring 20 new

buses to boost the existing fleet.

"The existing routes will remain as they are for now, we are in negotiations with the

taxi industry and it is very fruitful that we open up KwaNobuhle and Kariega routes

as well,” MMC Murray added.

The refurbishment work includes extensive upgrades and improvements such as

engine and transmission overhaul, enhanced suspension and brake systems for smoother rides and increased safety and the installation of latest safety technology,

including collision avoidance systems and improved lighting.

IPTS shareholder, Christian King said beneficiaries were pleased with the latest

developments and would support the Metro’s initiatives.

"We are very happy about the intervention of the Municipality, we have all the

associations around one table now to try to remedy this situation and to look at how

we can make progress to expand the system to Kariega and other areas,” King said.

"Our top priority remains passenger safety. All refurbished buses undergo rigorous

testing and inspections to ensure they meet or exceed industry safety standards.

We have new seating and interior design for passenger comfort and accessibility. The other safety measures include updated safety protocols and emergency systems for passenger protection, this also talks to repairs of wheelchair ramps and designated seating areas to accommodate passengers with disabilities. We urge our communities to be more patient with us as we rebuild the system to be safe and sustainable,” the MMC said.


Issued by NMBM Communications Office. 

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