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Notice Board:

Please note:

Measures have been put in place to resolve the connectivity problems experienced by the NMBM which has affected the payments to service providers for the last couple of days. Payments will thus proceed as normal as from Wednesday, 13 November 2019. 

ESKOM requested interruption to electricity greater Despatch area



TUESDAY, 23 JULY 2019 

Notice is hereby given that the electricity supply to the greater Despatch area will be disconnected between the hours of 07:30 and 16:00 on TUESDAY, 23 JULY 2019 for essential maintenance work to be done at the Kudu Substation on the Eskom side of the substation. 

While the greater Despatch area will be affected by the interruption, the following areas feeding from San Souci substation will NOT be affected by the electricity outage: Daleview, Reservoir Hills, Khayamnandi, the industrial area, as well as sections of Campher Park, Bothasrus, Heuwelkruin and a small section on the border of the Central area. 

As there is no guarantee that supply will be off throughout the whole period stated, installations in all premises must be regarded as being live during these hours. 

Apologies are tendered for the inconvenience caused.

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