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Did You Inspect my property?

As this is a mass valuation, the Municipal Valuer uses a computer aided mass appraisal (CAMA) system to determine the values of all properties. This is based on statistical analysis and geographical information systems (GIS), and therefore requires reliable and accurate data.

For residential property, obtaining access to all properties is not possible, and as such, the Municipal Valuer makes use of advanced technology that allows the collection of data. This includes the use of building plans and Pictometry, which is the state of the art 3D aerial photography that allows the valuers to see the properties from all angles, and be able to measure the extents and heights of the
buildings, as well as other information relating to quality, condition and other improvements. This is augmented by the used of street level video footage which is collected by driving down each street and recording the street frontages. This method is acceptable in terms of the MPRA, and endorsed by the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) the international body that sets
standards to mass appraisal importantly endorses more.

However, in cases where the aerial photography and other imagery is not useable, usually in the cases where properties have a lot of foliage, or high security walls, then physical inspection of the site is undertaken.

The data collection process is independently reviewed for quality assurance purposes to ensure the data collectors are consistent in their approach and the data they record is correct for the subject property.

For non-residential properties, field visits are undertaken to obtain data such as the property use, rentals and financial records of businesses.

How do I access information other than that is available on the municipal website?

Request for access to information held by the Municipality is regulated by section 18 of the Act and can be requested by filling in the application form. Please click here to download the form.

What are the functions of the NMB Enterprise Development Centre?

1.  Provision of advice, information and support to small businesses
 2.  Designing, development and implementation of small business support programmes in order to, amongst other: 

    • Build sustainable and competitive enterprises;
    •  Promote and enhance entrepreneurship;
    • Assist in the creation of an enabling operating environment for small business;
    • Provide access to non-financial resources and capacity building services.


What is the process to access information from the municipality, other than what is available on the municipal website and are there any costs involved?

Upon receipt of the requested information, Municipality has 30 days to assess and consider the application submitted by the requester. A non - refundable application fee of R35.00 is payable before processing the request. In the event application is refused Information Officer must advise requester accordingly.
Each application received must be considered within 30 days from date of receipt. In the event the application is not considered after 30 days it is automatically "deemed refusal".
In the event Information Officer grant requested information further fee may be charged depending on the time spent in collating the requested information as well as production fee. In determining applicable fee for the above, we are guided by the tariff set out in the regulations of the Act.
The application fee as well as other costs related are payable to our banking account details which are attached hereto for ease of reference.
Bank: ABSA
Account name: Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality
Account number: 40 7953 3826
Branch code: 63 2005


What services are offered by the Business/Investor One Stop Shop?

1.  Promotion and facilitation of foreign direct investments
2.     Improvement of investor and business access to a holistic support system
3.     Coordination of the provision of quality investor and business support services
4,     Provision of support to special investment initiatives, e.g. Coega IDZ ]
5,     Promotion of  trade and exports


What services are offered by the Investor/Business One Stop Shop?

  1. Promotion and facilitation of both local and foreign direct investment.
  2. Improvement of investor and business access to a holistic support system. 
  3. Coordination of the provision quality investor and business and business support services. 
  4. Provision of support to special investment initiatives, such as the Coega Industrial Development Zone (IDZ).
  5. Promotion of trade and exports.