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NMB Got Talent - Information Sessions

NMBM is in the process of unearthing talent in NMBM, in various categories, performing arts, musicians, acting – etc. The talent search is not limited to arts but to talents across the board.

Contact: Uthando Baduza 041 506 2017

Please attend the information sessions below for details.




25 January 2016

25 January 2016

13H00 -14H00

14h30 -15h30

1. Govan Mbeki MPC (Zinyoka)

2. Chatty Community Hall

26 January 2016

14h00 -15h30

Nangoza Jebe (side hall)

27 January 2016

14h00 -15h30

Uitenhage Town Hall (sun room)

28 January 2016

14h00 -15h30

Walmer Town Hall

29 January 2016

14h00 -15h30

Raymond Mhlaba MPC (side hall)

"Visual Artist? Join us at the information session to find out how you can get involved in this exciting project that is taking the city by storm"

Visual Art " THE SKETCH BOOK" has been added as part of the NMB GOT TALENT project and next week we will be going to the Metro clusters (see attached poster for details) to provide information to the visual artists of the Metro as to how the process will unfold. A quick summary of the process going forward is as follows:

INFORMATION SESSIONS (25-29 January) - briefing the visual arts community about the process.

SKETCH BOOKS - in our consultations with the arts community late last year, it was established that many artists might not have the resources to purchase sketch books for the purposes of the competition and we agreed that we would procure for those artists that don’t have. These will be distributed on the 15th of February which we will also use as another opportunity for artist to register for the competition.

SELECTION PROCESS- in our order to integrate with the rest of the project, during the second round of auditions for the performing arts, the selection of the artists who we will work with will also unfold simultaneously (21-26 March)

IN HOUSE RESIDENCY- The selected artists will work with identified mentors and partner organizations, who will mentor and train artists as they produce artworks (10 weeks)

EXHIBITION - we have tentatively identified possible venues for the exhibition to happen, where we aim to invite art houses and buyers to procure works from local artists.  (June/July)

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